We pride ourselves in getting people better quickly and back to doing the things they love!

Strains, Sprains, Muscle Imbalance, Muscle Weakness, Poor Joint Mobility, and Scar Tissue can affect any area of the human muscular system. It is most commonly found in the lower back, upper back, as well as the neck and shoulders.
Commonly, Chiropractors will only adjust the spine.   As a result, problems with muscle balance, scar tissue formation, and muscle weakness will remain unchanged. This leads to long-term care, slow results, and too many needless treatment appointments… an all too common complaint that many people have about Chiropractic care!   We offer comprehensive Chiropractic care which addresses each of these potential factors. Spinal alignment or joint manipulation (adjustments) is only one part of our treatment.
That’s what makes our Chiropractic care “Superior”! We pride ourselves on getting people better quickly.  Our average number of Chiropractic visits is 5-6. Let’s face it: You are busy and don’t want to be seen 3 times a week for 3 months for a simple injury! And you shouldn’t have to be.
How do we get our patients better so fast?
We treat all aspects of an injury or condition…
  • We relax tight, spasmed muscles and balance out the muscles in the area involved using therapies, stretching, and soft tissue work.
  • We break up scar tissue and trigger-points.
  • We have a wide assortment of adjustment techniques for all areas of the human muscular and skeletal system. You are treated like an individual, with a treatment that is unique to your injury. No two injuries are the same!
  • We use exercises and rehabilitation to re-strengthen the injured area. These exercises commonly will be performed here in the clinic and then continued on at home.
  • We are not interested in treating our patients in less than 2 minutes and trying to treat them 2-3 times a week forever.
  • We are not interested in taking needless x-rays as a standard because they are commonly of no benefit to the diagnosis.

(When you visit us, you will get the most thorough examination that you have ever had, and you will understand your condition on a whole different level. If X-Rays or MRIs are warranted based on history or examination, this will be discussed with you at that time.)

If you are interested in superior Chiropractic Care and getting quick, superior results, contact Dr. Corey Bowden at Advanced Spinal Rehabilitation!