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DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression

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Spinal Decompression Therapy

“If you or a loved one suffers from chronic low back pain, there’s a little-known treatment that’s safe, non-surgical, FDA-cleared, and effective in nearly 9 out of 10 patients…”

Called Decompression Therapy, it can end the stabbing, burning and shooting pain in your back and legs within a few short weeks.

If you’re like most patients we see today, you’ve suffered from back pain, hip pain, or leg pain for far too long-maybe decades. And you’ve tried virtually everything-bed rest, over-the-counter medications, prescription pain killers, physical rehab, chiropractic, injections, acupuncture, traction and maybe even surgery - and so far, nothing’s worked. You’re still in pain. And some days, your life’s a living hell.

And that’s not surprising since research shows that most pain-relieving tactics and procedures aren’t effective in treating chronic back pain at all-especially long term. An alternative was needed - something more effective, something less reliant on chemicals, and something safer and less invasive. In other words, something that really worked. The DRX 9000 delivers and we have been using this exclusive program in Layton, Utah.

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How Does It Work?

To understand how it works, let’s look at the low back and its structure.

Unlike other structures in your body, discs don’t have a very good blood supply, so once they’re damaged they don’t heal very well. A disc gets its nutrition from the bones above and below it through a pumping motion that increases with movement. But once a disc is damaged or torn, it loses its ability to maintain hydration and becomes dry and brittle. This leads to further damage, inflammation, degeneration and more pain.

The DRX-9000 is a FDA-cleared therapy (facilitated by a computer and monitoring device) that enables a doctor or therapist to gently, precisely and safely put tension on the lower back and create a negative pressure inside the disc.

This negative pressure creates a vacuum effect that actually draws the bulging or “slipped” material back into the center of the disc.

It Also Draws Fluids into the Disc-Helping it Rehydrate and Heal

Unlike other treatments for back pain, the DRX9000 technology actually heals the discs and makes them healthier.

Most other treatments like medication and injections only cover up the pain until it wears off or you aggravate your back again. Not spinal decompression. In a recent study done on previous decompression patients 4 years after their treatment, researchers found that over 91% continued to be pain free.

Could spinal decompression therapy with the DRX-9000 be the answer to ending your back pain and leg pain forever?

  quotes.pngIn November 2007, I had a MRI and this examination revealed that I had a bulging disc.  This evaluation explained why I was having stabbing pains in my back and a shooting pain down the left side of my body.  I was prescribed physical therapy, which relieved some of the pain.  In addition, I had tried conservative treatments such as epidural shots, pain medication, and heat treatments that seem to make the pain worse; and it confined me to my house except for going to work.  I had reached a point as to where I could only stand for 2 minutes before the pain would stab me in the lower back and shoot down my left leg.

I had conversation with my girlfriend in Arizona about my pain and she told me about a non-invasive treatment called decompression.  After researching decompression, all the reservations I had disappeared.  I interviewed three doctors before deciding on Dr. Bowden at Advanced Spinal Rehab.  After a consultation with Dr. Bowden I knew immediately that he was the best doctor for this procedure.  He is a professional and is dedicated to his practice.  Dr. Bowden’s counsel was that I must follow his regimen as instructed, if I wanted to be pain free.  After 25 treatments, the pain is very mild.

-- Marvie Ellington

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